Bishwa Ijtema Muslim Pilgrimage Photo Tour & Workshop

Witness of the world’s most crowded train at least once in a lifetime!

Explore the world’s most crowded trains in Bangladesh during the Muslim Pilgrimage. The “Bishwa Ijtema” Muslim Pilgrimage is the World Muslim Congress held in Bangladesh every year in January since 1942. It is the 2nd largest Muslim congregation in the world after the holy Hajj, More than 5 million Muslims gathered at Bishaw Ijtema.Three days long activities of devotees praying, praying on the road, discussing Islam, bath, cooking, and others in the congress area. During the pilgrimage thousands of devotees travel by overcrowded trains, rooftops, engine side and all the trains are filled with devotees, it’s an unbelievable crowd in all trains. The tour also included the North-East and the Southern Region’s Diversity of Bangladesh.

Tour Highlights

  • Peoples traveling by Overcrowded Trains even Roof of Trains.
  • Thousands of Muslims praying on the road.
  • Old Dhaka City Heritage.
  • Life in Slum

  • Biggest stone mine of Bangladesh.
  • Fishing on the world longest sea beach.
  • Dry fish processing on open sun.
  • Asia’s Largest Ship yard

  • Traditional brick factories.
  • Traditional brick factories.

  Trip Date

Date: 11-24 January 2024
09-22 January 2025
January 2026

Duration: 14 Days 13 Nights
Extension: 2-5 Days Extension Available
Extension: Full Details

  Tour Type & Group

Photography Tour & Workshop
Small Group
Maximum 8 Participants.
+ One Photographer Guide
+ One Tour Manager

 Skill Level

Suitable for ALL Skill Levels,
Novice to Advanced or
Beginner to Professional Photographer.

  Physical Fitness

Easy to Moderate,

Suitable For Any Mature Age Level.

Bishwa Ijtema Photo Tour Itinerary

Let’s discover the world most unexplored land Bangladesh

Day 01: Arrival in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Arrive at Dhaka International Airport & received by our representative, Transfer to hotel for check-in. This afternoon explore old Dhaka city, Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh, the World’s most population-density city. Peoples are the most friendly so it’s easier for you to capture people’s photos.

Photoshoot: Rikshaws (tri-wheeler bicycle), Peoples, Traditional Costumes, Streets Photography.
Meals included: Lunch. Dinner. ( Local Luxury Restaurant)

Day 02: Asia’s Largest Shipyard

In the morning photo shoot on the old Dhaka city riverside, you will capture hundreds of people crossing river buses small local boats and riverside markets and activities. Next, we will enter the Shipyard, a slum, and home to the largest shipyard in Asia. A labyrinth-like city in which giant skeletons of old ships provide work for around 15,000 people, with the task of dismantling ships, and creating new boats with the recovered parts. (B.L.D.)

Photoshoot: Riverside life, Country boats Shipyard; ship making, dismantling & repair.

Day 03: Coal Port & Batik Village

Drive through to the Northeast districts on the way 1st stop is the coal port where every day more than 3000 laborers come here to unload black coals, bricks and sand carry on their heads from lighter vessels. Next stop,  you will explore the largest tie-dying fabric center in all of Bangladesh, a place where workers dye fabrics by hand and spread them on the ground or on racks to dry in the baking sun. This riot of colour changes every day and we will spend some time creating images of the workers of the cloth while exploring lines and composition in photography. Overnight in the Northeast city. (B.L.D.)

Photoshoot: Daily labor carries coal, Batik Village and  Rice processing in sundry.

Day 04: Stone Mine at Northeast Region

In the morning drive to the stone mine area on the way, you will explore a floating market on the river and bank of the river where villagers bring vegetables by local small boats for sale. The stone mine is located at the foot of the beautiful Meghalaya Hills in the northeastern part of Bangladesh. It is known for its lush green hills, rolling tea gardens, and a mosaic of stones and rocks. Around 15000 stone laborers (men, women & children) are engaged with stone searching, collecting and crushing in this area. You will enjoy people searching and collecting stones by local traditional boats, winnowing stones, and crushing stones by hand. (B.L.D.)

Photoshoot: Vegetable Floating Market and Stone Mine area.

Day 05: Garbage Field and Rice Factories

After breakfast check out of the hotel and Drive through Dhaka City, on the way we will enter the enchanting realm of a dump yard. Here the ethereal blend of morning fog and swirling smoke of garbage fires creates a dramatic and evocative setting, offering photographers a unique opportunity to create visually striking and powerful compositions. You will explore unconventional landscapes, where the convergence of human perseverance and atmospheric elements reveals the extraordinary beauty hidden within the ordinary. Continuing our visual odyssey, we delve into the captivating world of rice factories. Amidst the rhythmic symphony of bustling workers, our cameras artfully frame the choreography of labor, capturing the intricate processes that transform rice from field to table. The lines of rice paddies stretch their lush green hues, a testament to nature’s bounty.(B.L.D.)

Photoshoot: Garbage field and Rice factories.

Day 06: Brick Factories

Around 300 brick fields surround Dhaka city, where brick laborers make brick by hand in traditional processes. Clay to red brick-making process using the mold, you will explore every step of brick-making. After making raw bricks by hand stack them in rows to dry in the sun, after drying in the sun raw bricks are carried by workers on head to the brick kiln by a line for burning. You will also capture portraits of workers with red dust covering their faces, brick laborers living conditions in small slums around the brick field. Next, explores the local train station and street photography. (B.L.D.)

Photoshoot: Brick making by hand, Red bricks carry by the head.

Day 07:  Fish Port and Aluminum Factories

Early in the morning, we will explore the country’s largest marine fish port and wholesale fish market. Every morning in this port is festive, where you will capture the enchanting scenes on camera. Fishermen, with weathered hands and unwavering determination unload fish from the boats, with meticulous attention they repair their fishing nets and dry nets in the sun. Second session,  we enter to the At morning drive to the south city After arrival the south city we will enter the biggest aluminum factories zone of Bangladesh, where people make aluminum pots by traditional process. Next, drive through to the South Bay, the world’s longest sea beach and stay overnight there. (B.L.D.)

Photoshoot: Fishing port, fish market and aluminum factories.

Day 08: South Bay World’s Longest Sea Beach

Today we will drive to the Moheskhali sea beach where Hundreds of colorful moon-shaped fishing boats line the shore, fishermen pulling fishing nets full of fish out of the sea, making fishing boats, silhouettes on fishermen, their nets stretching gracefully across the water’s edge, become ethereal forms against the vibrant hues of the setting sun. These images, infused with a sense of serenity and reverence, evoke the timeless connection between humanity and the sea. (B.L.D.)

Photoshoot: Fishing activities, moon-shaped boats, sunset.

Day 09: Dry fish village

In the morning we will turn our lens to the largest dry fish village in the country, where around 30,000 workers, with two-thirds women, work in 1,040 dried fish processing units and most of them work on a daily wage basis. The activities of their drying process, the arrangement of dried fish on the rows of bamboo, children playing under the decorated dry fish, fish eyes and human eyes merge together all together to create a wonderful and charming atmosphere. After the morning session, we will visit the side of the dry fish village, where children play on the beach and fishermen make boats and do other activities until sunset. (B.L.D.)

Photoshoot: Dry Fish Village and Seaside activities.

Day 10: Fish Port – Dhaka

Early morning visit the fishing port and market, It’s the place of buzzing with fishermen, traders and buyers from morning to night, the place is always in a celebratory mood. Fishing trawlers are returning to the fishing port full of fish, some were loading fish into warehouses, some were breaking ice, and others were arranging fish in baskets. Many traders were also sending truckloads of fish to different parts of the country. We will also visit the wholesale fishing market beside the fishing port. Next back to the hotel, breakfast and rest. Afternoon we will take the local flight to Dhaka. After arriving Dhaka street photography in the central city. (B.L.D.)

Photoshoot: Fish port and wholesale fish market.

Day 11: Dhaka Muslim Congress

“Bishwa Ijtema” the Muslim Pilgrimage, the World Muslim Congress held in Bangladesh every year in January since 1942. It is the 2nd largest Muslim congregation in the world after the holy Hajj, More than 5 million Muslims gathered at Bishaw Ijtema. Three days long activities of devotees praying, discussing on Islam, bath, cooking, and others in the congress area. On the first day, thousands of Muslim devotees started gathering at the Congress venue. At this time all the side streets and highways are filled to the brim with Muslims and hundreds of Muslims stand on the highway for pray. (B.L.D.)

Photoshoot: Pray on the road, overcrowded train & devotees activities.

Day 12: Leather Processing, Plastic Recycling & Motor Parts street

In the morning we will enter the leather processing area, drying, coloring and other processes of leather. Next, we will visit the old Dhaka city where people work on plastic recycling, sitting in stacks of plastic bottles cleaning and sorting thousands of plastic bottles. reused motor parts street market. From screws and nuts to engines, the reused motor parts market of old Dhaka city has been the best solution for all kinds of reconditioning and second-hand spare parts. (B.L.D.)

Photoshoot: Plastic recycling, leather processing, motor parts street.

Day 13: Muslim Congress Final Pray

The final day and final pray day are the most exciting for photography. On this day from the early morning thousands of Muslims towards the congress area by overcrowded trains, buses & boats. All around the congress area, on the train lines and on the highway roads Muslims sit and stand for the final pray. After the final pray Muslims return home by overcrowded trains, buses, boats, risky rides to the roof of the trains, buses, boats, and other transport  End of the day you have free time for shopping at the market near the hotel. Special Farewell Dinner tonight, spectacular views over the city. (B.L.D)

Photoshoot: Final Pray and Overcrowded Trains.

Day 14: Chicken Market- Departure

EEarly Morning Explore the chicken market. In this market poultry vendors display live chickens in pyramid-shaped baskets made of twine so that customers can buy the chicken of their choice. After breakfast prepare to check out the hotel. According to your individual Flight departure time, we will drop you at the airport and bid a fond farewell. We hope your unforgettable memories call you again to this land and show up your Bangladesh’s great images.(B.)

Photoshoot: Chicken Market.

Learn post-processing like a pro

We know what your images need

Bring the touch of perfection to your digital images

Our photography expeditions are not only a simple photo trip it’s a photography workshop. Whether you are a beginner, keen amateur or professional photographer we want you to get the best possible pictures on every our tour. Each of our participants will get the right infield guidance from understanding all camera settings, creating outstanding compositions, perfect exposer on the different light conditions, developing a personal style to finalizing ideas in image editing software.

We also put emphasis on Image Post-Processing which is extremely important nowadays. We will hold post-processing panels where we will teach you the workflows in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and some additional plug-ins we use to make your pictures stand well apart from the rest. We will try to allow enough time for you to post-process your pictures while on the tour, and hopefully you will go home with your prime shots ready for the showcase.

You will learn how to

  • Organize your photos efficiently and speed up your workflow
  • Develop RAW files with Lightroom and Photoshop and apply initial adjustments
  • Use the selection, sharpening and retouching tools properly
  • Blend multiple exposures in Lightroom and Photoshop using various techniques (HDR, luminosity masks)
  • Stylize your images to give them your own artistic signature
  • Apply various image effects… and much more

Tour Price

USD 3650 Double Occupancy
USD 4250 Single Occupancy

Included in the Cost

  • English Speaking Professional Photographer Guide.
  • 4- Star & 5 -Star Hotel Accommodations.

  • Local Transport by Minibus.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Drinking-Water and soft drinks.
  • Local Flight South Bay to Dhaka.
  • Airport Pickup on Arrival and Drop on Departure

Not Included in the Cost

  • International Flight.
  • Visa fee.
  • Personal cost & laundry services.
  • Gratuities for Photo Guides, and drivers.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Equipment and baggage insurance.

Yousuf Tushar EFIAP, Tour Leader

Tushar is recognized as one of the leading freelance documentary photographers based in Bangladesh. As well as he is a Travel & Art photographer, writer, instructor, organizer, and judge of National & international photography competitions. He has years of experience guiding photo tours & workshops. His wide & long-time experience in Travel photography, Organizing, teaching, and prestigious international award-winning made him one of the best photographers in Bangladesh. He has excellent knowledge about the perfect places to capture a photo of every location in Bangladesh. He loves to help with hands-on experience in a Creative learning environment while out in the field, and he absolutely loves leading photo tours! Since 2000 he has been working full-time professional photographer, he has traveled to many countries as a travel photographer. His works have been published in Times UK, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Forbes magazine, BBC, National Geographic, Daily Mail, Sunday Post, Express UK, The Sun, The Atlantic, USA Today, and renowned international photo agencies. His photographs were exhibited in different international photo exhibitions in Asia, Europe & USA. He has owned more than a hundred National & International prestigious photographic awards including HPA-UNESCO china, Emirates photo contest, Asahi Shimbun Japan, United Nations IYC Singapore, People & Planet Australia, PX3 Paris, CBRE Urban photographer of the year, Link Lady, SIENA International, A Photo Reporter, New York-Manhattan, celebrating Life Bangladesh and numerous FIAP & PSA patronage Award. Presently he is the Secretary-General & FIAP Liaison officer of the Bangladesh Photographic Society. More Details about him

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