Private or Customize Photo Tours & Workshops to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world but lovely and friendly peoples always welcome you. it is South Asia’s greenest jewel – a country braided with rivers, with a rich culture waiting to be explored by pioneering travelers and enthusiast photographers. Its rich culture & festivities, humanities and diversities, people & portraits, daily life & labors, landscape & seascape made it one of the best photography destinations in the world. It is a paradise for photographers – A unique photo experience in the heart of South Asia.

We organize private & individual or customize photo tours for photographers, small groups, club members groups, workshop groups, photography school students, or any friend’s photographers group. Our custom private photo tours are booked on-demand only, so we can reflect your specific needs, and photography style and create a unique tailor-made photographic experience for you.

In the capital city Dhaka and it’s surrounding area have Asia’s largest shipyard, Daily Labor carry coal, sand, brick on their overhead, traditional brick factories, slums, river port, overcrowded train, very old unique street. In north Bengal, the most spectacular red chilies processing on sundry. In the northeast zone, stone mine where more than fifty thousand people working. In the south the world’s longest sea beach, fishing port & market, colorful moon shape boats, fishing and dry fish village beach. In the southwest floating market on river, biggest pottery village and river life.

For photographers, it’s can be a challenge to discover all of this on their own in a limited time they typically have. If you want to make a good use of your time in the Bangladesh, consider connecting with a professional photo tour operator and hiring a local professional photographer who will help you arrange a custom private photography experience of a lifetime.

Meet Yousuf Tushar EFIAP

Your Photography Instructor and Guide

Tushar is recognized as one of the leading freelance documentary photographer based in Bangladesh. As well as he is Travel & Art photographer, writer, instructor, organizer, and judges of National & international photography competitions. He has been running photography tours and workshops in Bangladesh last 10 years. Over the time, he tutored and guided more than 300 photographers with amazing satisfaction. He is the chief person of the Image Tours photography Expedition.

His wide and longtime experience in Travel photography, Organizer, teacher, and prestigious international award-winning made him one of the best photographers in Bangladesh. He has excellent knowledge about perfect places to capture a photo of every place in Bangladesh. He loves to help hands-on experience in a Creative learning environment while out in the field, and he absolutely loves leading photo tours!

His photographs exhibited in different international photo exhibitions in Asia, Europe & USA. He has owned more than seventy National & International prestigious photographic awards including HPA-UNESCO china, Emirates photo contest, Asahi Shimbun Japan, United Nations IYC Singapore, People & Planet Australia, PX3 Paris, CBRE Urban photographer of the year, Link Lady, SIENA International, A Photo Reporter, New York-Manhattan, celebrating Life Bangladesh and numerous FIAP & PSA patronage Award. His works published in Times UK, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Forbes magazine, BBC, National Geographic, Daily Mail, Sunday Post, The Sun, USA Today, and renowned international photo agencies.

Presently he is Secretary-General & FIAP Liaison officer of Bangladesh Photographic Society. More details 


You can choose any of our existing tour plans individually for you or your friend’s group. If your schedule does not match with our trip schedule or if you don’t like photography with a group or if you want to focus on specific subjects don’t worry, please write us, we will make a private photo tour itinerary for you.

We will be pleased to respond to your queries regarding travel to Bangladesh

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What you dream, we can design

Image Tours can organize custom private photography tours in Bangladesh that would fit your expectations and make sure that you bring many amazing pictures from your trip. What you dream, we can design.


  • give you truly a one-on-one experience with a professional photographer to maximize your learning with us.
  • offer one to multiple days of photo tours.
  • listen to your needs and reflect them in our proposal.
  • help you to prepare for the trip by recommending photo gear to bring, accommodation and basically walk you through the process without a hassle.
  • cater to photographers of all levels. It’s not important if you are just starting out or are a seasoned professional. What matters is that you must love the craft.
  • offer in the time when we are not shooting also post-processing session, photo critique
  • book best hotels nearby photoshoot locations
  • for local transport we use our won car
  • take a taste of best Bengal cuisine and city’s best restaurant for Indian, Thai, Chinese & Continental foods.