What Makes Image Tours the best in Bangladesh?

Dedicated to Photo Tours & Workshops

Image Tours is a dedicated photography tour operator in Bangladesh. Renowned Photographer, the Master of Photography Yousuf Tushar Secretary General & FIAP liaison officer of Bangladesh Photographic Society is the Director of the Image Tours, 20 years of photography experience, especially knowing the best photoshoot places & subjects in Bangladesh. A group of talented and international award-winning photographer guides working with us. Since 2010 numerous photographers have traveled to Bangladesh with Image Tours from many countries including UK, USA, Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Czech Republic, Switzerland, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. They are highly satisfied to capture many interesting subjects and our service.  Many of them taking repeatedly our trips and come again to Bangladesh.

Unique Experience

We are passionate about our work and your dreams. Our goals are to provide you with unique travel experience, to explore Bangladesh with a new vision. We want you to get the most amazing pictures on our Bangladesh Photo Tour whether you are a beginner, keen amateur or professional photographer. We want you to experience the uniqueness of our country and return with plenty of outstanding pictures and unforgettable memories.

Individual Approach

Whether you are a beginner, keen amateur or professional photographer we want you to get the best possible pictures on every our tour. We strongly emphasise on individual approach so each of our participants will get the right infield guidance for understanding all camera settings, creating outstanding compositions, developing a personal style to finalizing ideas in image editing software. Moreover, you will be in a group of people who share a passion for photography and you will expand your creativity and skill.

Small and Personal

We keep our tours limited to small groups of 5–10 participants. Even if one group is full of 10 participants, we assign two photographers and one Tour Manager. While it costs a little more to achieve smaller tours, it enables us to dedicate plenty of time to pass on to you our extensive experience and knowledge. We always prefer quality over quantity. Our tours are also 100% spouse friendly.

Well Researched Tour Plan

The pace of our trips is carefully planned, and locations have been well researched and scouted. When you travel with Image Tours, you travel with a company that shows you some of the most interesting subjects and places in Bangladesh, with unparalleled value and expertise. Our photography tour is Combine with the best trip expeditions for amateur and professional photographers with internationally respected photographers tour guides in order to create unrivaled travel photography, documentary photography, art photography & street photography in Bangladesh.

Location & Light-Right Time Right Place

Our photographers have a keen understanding of the many expressions of natural light, and will show you how to work with it under various conditions, from backlit subjects in a crowded market to the more controlled environment of an arranged photo shoot. Critical to this, of course, is matching specific subjects/locations with the best-expected light for a particular shoot.

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Making Relationships

Once you connect with us, It continues to evolve as we answer your questions and get to know you, either by email, phone or both. Once you feel comfortable and excited about deciding to join one of our photo tour adventures, we walk you through the simple process of making it happen. Committing to a photo tour is a significant decision, and it’s important to us that you feel comfortable and confident in making it. In terms of local relationships, our guys have inside contacts all over, and often these contacts offer great surprises that no photo tour itinerary could ever predict. Most of these relationships have taken years to cultivate, and new ones are being made on an ongoing basis. The quality of inside access we consistently get on our photo tours surprises even us at times!

Learn Post-Processing Like a Pro

We also put emphasis on Image Post-Processing which is extremely important nowadays. We will hold post-processing panels where we will teach you the workflows in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and some additional plug-ins we use to make your pictures stand well apart from the rest. We will try to allow enough time for you to post-process your pictures while on the tour, and hopefully you will go home with your prime shots ready for the showcase.

Right Choice

As our experience, some of the photographers before traveled to Bangladesh with a traditional tour company, after they failed to take good photos they come again to Bangladesh with our company. Good example: Famous Germany photographer Peter Voss, made a BANGLADESH book, that selling by international bookstall including Amazon. He could not use any single image from his first-time traveled to Bangladesh with a traditional tour company in Bangladesh. Finally, he found us and all of the images used in his book by our photo guide. https://vossonline.de/